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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Meeting report

Minutes of Scribblers meeting held on 17 July 2018

Present: Dave, Steve, Liliane, Cathy, Di C, Tony, Liz, Derek, Anne, Beryl, Kay, Hazel, Peter
Apologies: Bridget

We welcomed new member Peter to the group.

Crystal Ball stories – Dave told us that he will shortly be sending Mairead’s family all the stories that the group have passed to him. Let’s hope that they will all be able to enjoy this lasting reminder of the group that was so very dear to their sister’s heart.

Chris Shaw (ex-Scribbler) had updated Dave on the book he is currently writing – Dave read out the details to the group.

Cathy reported that Endeavour Press, publishers of work by both Ruth Dugdall and Jeanette Hewitt, went into liquidation earlier this year. Sad news.

Readings of homework
The crime theme was fully embraced – what a collection of tales we were able to enjoy! Well done to everyone who tackled it with such excellent results.

Kay – Precognition

Liz – Revenge

Beryl – Asking for it

Peter – an excerpt from his ongoing work ‘The Bicycle Deacon’

Steve – The lie

Derek – Francine

Hazel – The revenge of witch Hazel

Tony – Poor Hardluck …..

Dave – Criminal intentions

Di – Untitled

Liliane – Murder on a stormy night

Anne – A crime on the train to Barcelona

Next meeting: 
7 August (THREE weeks’ time). Inspiration for homework (1000 words max) is the phrase ‘I wish I had said …..’ As usual, if the theme doesn't appeal, then members are free to write on any theme they choose, and if anyone wants to read excerpts from a longer, ongoing piece of work, then that is absolutely okay too.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

It's criminal....

This evening's meeting provided a great insight into the criminality of our writers. A very well attended meeting including a new member, Peter, and a visiting older member still tied up with his three year University course, Barry.

The variety of work was of a very high standard and most entertaining too. It really is good to be part of this group of unassuming writers with a penchant for creativity.

We had good wishes from Chris way down in Cairns - it's always good to hear from him. Chris tells us that he had written a story on boxing. He says, "It's a story about boxing, about which I know nothing. I had three compulsory fights at school when I was about thirteen. I lost two and won one. My father tried unsuccessfully to teach me, but he had nothing to work with! However, it’s wonderful what happens ‘in the zone’. I keep trying to explain it to people but get glazed eyes in return. I’ve got nearly 70,000 words of the story of Sam Smith of Whitechapel, who becomes World Welterweight Champion. My knowledge of boxing is looking half decent and I’m so enjoying the experience."

Good luck punching your way to success Chris!

Good news too, that we will soon have our Facebook page up and running again courtesy of Hazel. Thanks to Barry for the guidance.

Our next meeting is in three weeks time, Tuesday 7th August when the homework assignment of up to 1,000 words is:

"I wish I had said..."

That should open up a whole host of possibilities...

Until next time,

Keep Scribbling!!! 

Monday, 16 July 2018

Report of meeting 3 July 2018

Minutes of Scribblers meeting held on 3 July 2018

Present: Dave, Liliane, Bridget, Cathy, Di C, Tony, Liz, Derek, Anne, Beryl
Apologies: Jim, Kay, Hazel


Felixstowe Book Festival
Firstly we acknowledged that it just hadn’t been the same without Mairead’s presence.
Dave gave the group feedback on the two sessions that Scribblers had been involved in. The CafĂ© Culture session, as those of us attending confirmed, had been an excellent idea in theory, but for various reasons it didn’t seem to ‘gel’ properly. Cathy (as a festival volunteer) will give diplomatic feedback to Meg, the organiser. Sunday’s flash fiction event had gone very well, with ten people in all taking part. There was a good contingent of Scribblers/OWL members, plus two people absolutely new to flash fiction, and our friend Sally, who had been to Scribblers once or twice a few years ago. The slight downside was the problem of lack of space/not enough tables, and Cathy has already given feedback re this issue. Derek felt that the Short Story event was a bit ‘nothing’ – a real shame, since in previous years it’s been enjoyable.

Crystal Ball trophy
Bridget brought in the beautiful crystal ball that she has purchased for the group – huge thanks to her for her generosity. It will be a wonderful way for future winners to remember and honour Mairead. As it won’t be possible to have winners’ names inscribed on the trophy, Bridget will purchase a small notebook to record them in instead.

Readings of homework
The theme was ‘Crystal Ball’, and it was astonishing to hear the very different pieces of work; some totally fictional, others part based on fact, and another incredibly moving one which was simply thoughts and ruminations on a crystal ball, those thoughts being dedicated to the memory of Mairead.

Derek – You have to believe
Liliane – The crystal ball
Dave – Face from the past
Bridget – Ruminations on a crystal ball
Cathy – Pride
Beryl – A long and fulfilling life
Anne – The clams and the crystal ball
Tony – Locked within the crystal ball
Liz – The crystal ball

Next meeting: 17 July. The homework is genre based, and the genre picked out of the hat was ‘crime’ – not everyone’s cup of tea, as we know, but it will be interesting to see what we all do with it! As usual, up to 1000 words.

Our next meeting

Well doesn't time fly when you're having fun. It almost felt like a crime to leave the sunshine outside and come and write our homework. What was the theme? Oh yes, it was our genre homework on CRIME.

Our meeting is on Tuesday (17th) when the meeting will commence at 7.30. Please remember the door will be locked at 7.30.

I have a document ready to send to Mairead's relatives - just waiting for one more story to add to the list before I send it off.

Looking forward to our meeting,

Keep Scribbling!!!

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Crystal Ball...

The homework assignment was for stories on "Crystal Ball" in honour of Mairead. The meeting was very special as Bridget brought along the "Crystal Ball" that she is donating as the annual Halloween award for the best story about that eerie period of time later in the year.

It would appear that someone above must have inspired us Scribblers to come up with a really fascinating tale on the subject matter. Indeed some of the writers believed the meeting to have been one of the, if not, the best meeting in recent memory. It really was a tribute to Mairead.

And so to thoughts of our next meeting on "Genre." For this one we listed a number of genres before drawing out the one genre subject of "Crime." It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but this is the beauty of our ability to adapt and produce not only a strong creative story, but an enjoyable one. 

The meeting takes place on Tuesday 17 July, starting at 7.30 pm in the usual place.

Until then,

Keep Scribbling!!!

What a clash...

Just who organised the World Cup fixtures? Didn't they notice that they clash with the Felixstowe Scribblers meeting?


Yes, tonight is our Crystal Ball meeting... 7.30, The Room at the Top. I wonder if we will know the result before the match even kicks off?

Good luck England!!!

Keep Scribbling, Scribblers!!!

Monday, 2 July 2018


One thing stood out rather sadly at the Book Festival. There was no Mairead dashing from event to event, smiling and helping out wherever she could. We really missed her enthusiasm.

It was great to hear that Morag Liffen (Clarke), one of our former regulars, won the short story competition. Morag has always been an excellent writer - anyone with doubts should read her latest novel, 'The Coach Trip.' Well done to her and many, many congratulations.

It was also nice to see Jane there with us. I think she said, 'Morag won. I didn't!' No not sour grapes at all, just Jane's sense of humour. Although she has been absent from our meetings for some time now, Jane says she will be back soon and we say, the sooner the better!

Someone who travelled many miles up from St.Ives, Cornwall was Suzy, a Scribbler at heart and a founder member of OWL. Good to see her, but sad that she can find no writing group in her locality. She would like an online presence to bounce stories and poetry back and forth.

The Cafe Culture session late on Saturday was very interesting and provided some of us with the opportunity to read out stories and poems. Again there seemed to be a divide between the poets and our group, probably not intentionally. I must confess a couple of their poems were really spot on. It was good to see so many writers from our two groups, including Derek and Liz in attendance. Also in the session was Ed Broom of the Ipswich Writer's Cafe. Good to see him again.

Our Flash Fiction workshop worked fairly well again. With a shortage of time between sessions, and a shortage of tables, we managed, with the help of others, to prepare the room just in time for the start.

All available spaces were taken and despite Derek's protestations that he hates flash fiction, his was a really good story. In fact everyone came up with something very interesting including Sally, Sue and Kate trying out this discipline for the first time. Each had a beginning, a middle and an ending, some with quite a twist. We'd all drawn out our prompts and apart from the odd groan or two, all got on with the job in hand. I don't know how it happened but a certain theme for a prompt came from Cathy. It was 'Erotica'. Guess who got that one! I'll bet Mairead was up there laughing and influencing things!

So the end of the 2018 festival. Maybe we'll see you all there next year too.

And so to tomorrow.

Don't forget the Scribblers meet up again in the Room at the Top at 7.30 tomorrow (Tuesday 3 July) when the homework assignment, in memory of Mairead, was set for up to 1,000 words on 'Crystal Ball.' Bridget, bless her, will bring in a crystal ball which will become an annual trophy for the Halloween meeting. Hoping you will all be able to attend. Don't forget the door will be locked at 7.30.

Keep Scribbling!!!