Formed over forty years ago, our Writers Circle is based in Felixstowe, Suffolk. Meetings are held in The Room at the Top in Felixstowe Library, normally on the first and third Tuesday of each month commencing at 7.30pm and finishing by 10.00pm. Check this weblog for details of meetings.

There is an annual November to November fee of £30, April to November is £20 and June to November £15. For members preferring to pay at each meeting the charge is £5 per meeting. To contact Felixstowe Scribblers simply email or the Secretary,

Friday, 22 June 2018

Meeting Report.

Minutes of Scribblers meeting held on 19 June 2018
Present: Dave, Liliane, Bridget, Cathy, Di C, Tony, Liz, Derek, Gerry
Apologies:Jim, Kay, Anne, Beryl, Steve
Mairead’s funeral (held 2.15 on day of meeting). Scribblers were very well represented at the funeral, then afterwards at the wake at The Orwell Hotel. Mairead's family were delightful to meet and spend time with – they are clearly devastated by the suddenness of her death, but were pleased to see us all and realise that she had many friends in her adopted home town. 
Dave will pass on a cheque for £150 (group and member donations) to Mairead’s chosen charity, Arthritis Research UK.
Annual Hallowe’en competition to take place in memory of Mairead – Bridget has already kindly bought the crystal ball which is to be the trophy for this competition – we thank her for that. During the wake, some of us mentioned the competition and trophy to Mairead’s family – they were delighted, and thought the trophy absolutely appropriate. In fact more than one of them joked, like us, that the competition winner might well see Mairead’s face in the crystal ball if they looked too closely!
Felixstowe Book Festival
This will take place before we meet again as Scribblers. It would be nice to see some members there, and especially to have support for the Café Culture session on Saturday 30 June, and the Microfiction event on Sunday 1 July. Cathy will try to find out in advance what the ticket sales are like for both these events.
Dave reminded us again that there are eight complementary tickets available for our Café Culture session on Saturday 30 June, 5.45 – 7.30 in His Lordship’s Library at the Orwell Hotel. This should be a good event – well worth checking out details online for anyone who hasn’t yet picked up a programme from the Library. Please contact Dave a.s.a.p if you’d like a ticket – would like to offer them outside the group if there are any untaken. For those attending, there is the opportunity to read out work in the 'open mic' element of the event, but there is no compulsion to do so.
Photographic session: Everyone had brought in a postcard/picture/photograph. These were placed facedown on the table, and we each chose one to inspire us, then settled down for thirty five minutes of writing. As always, this was an interesting evening, and despite some anguished mutterings about our chosen cards, everyone managed to write something, and create a story out of the most unpromising material. Some of us (naming no names, Derek!) were still in full flow long after the thirty five minutes was up.
Next meeting: 3 July, when our homework of up to 1000 words has the theme ‘Crystal Ball’.


Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Our meeting

Sad though it was, we held our photographic/postcard flash fiction evening and what a success it was. Everyone produced work of merit from the believable to the incredulous and all done from a selection of strange but wonderful images.

The creation of our work was set at 35 minutes and apart from one person (sorry Derek!!) all achieved their stories within the time frame. The best part of the evening, as always, is sharing our finalised work with everyone and, as usual, the standard of writing in these circumstances provided both enjoyment and fun. 

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 3 July when we are asked to write up to 1,000 words on "Crystal Ball" and all with Mairead in mind. With your permission copies of the work will be forwarded to Mairead's family. We are certain they would like this.

Rapidly approaching is the Felixstowe Book Festival - as you will know we were invited to participate in the Cafe Culture on Saturday 30 June between 5.45 and 7.30 in His Lordship's Library.  Joining Orwell Writer's League and the Cafe Poets, Mark Brayley and Emma Kittle-Pey will host a discussion on what success looks like in our art form. We are asked to bring along something to read in their open mic.  We have a number of free tickets available for our group. Please let me know if you would like to attend and take up the free ticket offer.

forget that a joint Scribblers and OWL flash fiction workshop is being held on Sunday 1 July from 4
Don't .30-5.30 in the Furneaux Suite at the Orwell Hotel. Tickets for this event cost £5 and concessions £4. The workshops are very enjoyable and hopefully we will have good support for this event.



Today was all about honouring our departed friend Mairead.

We all know how lovely and such a gentle person she was... how marvellous to find her family so friendly and engaging too.

It was a wonderful service and tribute to her. How nice to be able to chat with so many of her family.

We will all miss Mairead so very much. May she rest in peace.

Dave, the Scribblers and OWL.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Next Tuesday.....

Next Tuesday, 19 June, is going to be a difficult one for us. We all fondly knew Mairead. She became the face of all things good about writing here in Felixstowe both at Scribblers and at the Orwell Writers' League. She is already missed.

Her funeral service is on Tuesday at Seven Hills Crematorium at 2.15 pm and afterwards at the Orwell Hotel. I know some of you will be attending to pay your respects.  Let me know if you need transport.

Our evening meeting begins at the usual time, 7.30 when the door will be locked. The evening has been set aside for our photographic/postcard flash fiction session. I hope you will be able to find an image to bring along before we spend some time creating our own little masterpieces.

As a footnote, those who wish to donate to Mairead's charity, Artiritis Research UK, may do so at our meeting and we will organise a cheque payment to the charity.


Felixstowe Book Fest writing workshops

Meg has asked that the following workshops are circulated, 

Sat 30th June Town Hall Gardens Shelter 2pm-5pm FREE but ticketed. 
Five Ways to Mental Wellbeing. Writing Workshop involving looking at 
natural forms (shells, rocks etc.), exploring the senses, and becoming 
aware of the present moment through basic meditation as a starting point 
for 'mindful' writing exercises. FREE but ticketed through our website 

Saturday 30 June 11.00am—12.30pm, Furneaux Suite, The Orwell Hotel £7 
Writing for Wellbeing with Francesca Baker, 
There is a lot of evidence that writing is very beneficial for 
wellbeing. Using the Five Ways to Wellbeing framework participants will 
learn about the benefits, experience five different activities and learn 
techniques to take home. Max participants 20. We ask participants to 
bring paper and pencil. 

Saturday 30 June 2.30—4.30pm 
Songlines with Francesca Baker, £7 
This workshop involves a walk around the town. Meet in the Orwell Hotel 
In this workshop participants will be taken on a small walk or tour and 
will pen lines at each location, writing a poem that reflects the 
Aboriginal tradition of Songlines. Max participants 15. We ask 
participants to bring paper and pencil. 
Meg Reid 
Director Felixstowe Book Festival 
01394 279783/07720049668/113, Ranelagh Rd, Felixstowe, Suffolk IP117HU 
“A flourishing festival, with a programme to catch the imagination.” 
Esther Freud, Festival Patron 
_"The Felixstowe Book Festival is the sort of inspirational event that 
reminds authors why they write."_ 
Nicola Upson 

Details of our own involvement in the Festival programme will be circulated separately.


The sad announcement printed on June 13, 2018 in the East Anglian Daily Times.

REIDY Margaret (Mairead) Ann. Passed away unexpectedly at home on May 23, 2018 aged 61. Sadly missed by her brothers and sister, nephews and nieces. Funeral service to be held at, Seven Hills Crematorium, Nacton, on Tuesday June 19, at 2.15 p.m., Family flowers only, please. Donations to Arthritis Research UK. c/o East of England Co-operative Funeral Services, 183 Hamilton Road, Felixstowe, IP11 7DT.

 It is usual for a collecting box to be available after the service where donations may be made. 
Felixstowe Scribblers are making a donation from our club funds and will additionally include any donations paid directly to us at our next meeting on the evening of Tuesday next, 19 June. We will deliver the full amount to the Funeral Service. 

Please let me know if you would like to attend Mairead's service from Felixstowe and need transport.

Again, with heavy heart,

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Meeting Report

Minutes of Scribblers meeting held on 5 June 2018

Present: Dave, Liliane, Bridget, Cathy, Di C, Tony, Steve, Liz, Hazel,
Apologies: Derek, Kay, Jim, Jane, Anne, Beryl.

Mairead’s untimely death.
All of us had memories to share. We spoke of her kindness and generosity. Her passion for history, both local and global. Her enthusiasm for writing, and her unfailing encouragement to other writers. 

Newer members commented on the way in which she’d made them feel immediately at home when they joined the group. She is going to be so very much missed.

Dave has had contact from some of Mairead’s friends in the USA. One lady in particular, Carol, mentioned how happy Mairead had been to join Scribblers; Mairead had used the phrase that she was ‘among good people’. It’s comforting to know how much the group meant to her.

Bridget suggested that since the Halloween homework was always a firm favourite of Mairead’s, we could have an annual Halloween themed competition in her honour. Bridget’s thought was that we have a crystal ball as a trophy; Mairead would have loved that!. Dave will put this to the committee. Also, as Mairead was a committee member, we now have a vacancy to fill.

Mairead’s funeral will be at Seven Hills Crematorium on 19 June, 2.15pm, and afterwards at the Orwell Hotel, Felixstowe. If anybody would like to go, but is in need of transport, please get in touch with either Cathy or Dave, and we will try to organise lifts. 

Currently we don’t know if a floral tribute would be appropriate, or whether the family would like donations to one of Mairead’s favourite charities – Cathy will contact Lara (who informed us of Mairead’s death) and ask if she knows. Note – to date Lara has heard nothing in this respect.

Felixstowe Book Festival
Dave reminded us that there are eight complementary tickets available for our Café Culture session on Saturday 30 June, 5.45 – 7.30 in His Lordship’s Library at the Orwell Hotel. This should be a good event – well worth checking out details online for anyone who hasn’t yet picked up a programme from the Library.

Tony’s book launch (19 May)
We were glad to hear that this went well – congratulations again Tony!

Readings of homework:
The homework topic was ‘The Crossing’ – and there were five pieces of very different writing for us to enjoy.

Tony – an appropriate extract from his book ‘The sword of the kings’

Bridget – The crossing

Hazel – The crossing

Liliane – It all ended suddenly

Di – The crossing the line

Critiquing of longer work:
Dave read part of his ongoing novel, working title ‘In the shadow of the trees’.

It was very satisfying to have time to truly critique and discuss his work, and interesting to note the different elements that members either praised or queried. Dave’s main concern was that his story flowed properly – and we were able to confirm that it did. There was lots of action, some excellent imagery and dialogue - now we want to hear more!

Next meeting: 19 June. This is the photographic flash fiction session. For this, we all bring in a postcard/photograph/small picture. From these, we will select maybe two or three for people to choose as inspiration for a piece to be written on the night. Remember to bring writing implements or laptops!